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cnc precision machining tips

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 cnc precision machining

while in producing some duticle iron casting parts,precision casting parts,we need to clamp the parts in the postion tightly,but casting parts surface aren't consistent always,so we have to spend much time on locate the parts,and the machine is idle, the cost will be increased.

we develop the special fixture for the casting parts,we use two fixtures,and there are many stations on every fixture,we will clamp the parts into fixutre while another fixture is using,  replace the fixture by new one while machining is finished.

also ,we can save the time from the machine's restart,as above pic,

use the special cutter that developped by ourselves.we will use one cutter machining 8 parts,then change the cutter,it also can save the time of change cutter.for some high quantity parts,the method is economial.