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metal stampings

Date£º2013-1-24 21:22:28 Hit£º Tage£ºmetal stamping fabrication sheet metal

 Metal stampings wide range of applications can be made Ä®êÀ the important functional parts of products supporting parts, fittings, casing parts, sheet metal welding parts together with machining, welding, surface treatment, can be used for general metal products,including components installed accessories, machine, automobile, household goods, machine, stamping process, shearing, punching, squeezing, stretching, bending, shrink tube, tube expander, cold heading, hot forging, stamping products byprofiles worth better than casting, forging process, which makes the mechanical properties of the material, it is currently a lot of products under the conditions allowed by the process of casting, forging into a stamping process, the only reliable quality, and less pollution, efficiencyhigh, dimensions guarantee easy, I plant is based on the above advantages, it is to vigorously develop the stamping process, and to provide customers with a more reliable stamping products.