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Shanghai Cologne Hardware fair

Date£º2014-9-27 20:50:05 Hit£º Tage£ºhardware

shanghai hardware fair 

Shanghai Cologne hardware fair was hold at Sep.28th 2014 in Shanghai ,there are many hardware factories,such as tools,fastener,cutting tools,pipe tools,grip tools,auto tools,hand tools,measure tools,high pressure washer,air tools,pneumatic tools,power tools,grinding tools,tools kit,led flashlight,

it cover all the industry field hardware,we can find any hardware we want,

the fair have relation with the Cologne hardware,so there are many Gemany company,and other Europe company,American Company attend the fair,

fair is a good place for the buyer and supplier,it is easy to discuss the business face to face,also people can look around the new technology,

we meet many frineds in the fair,and also expand our supply ability.