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steel stampings

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punching parts 

Manufacture sheet metal stamping parts,by shearing,bending,punching,surface treatment.

by stamping process,it is easy to get a size firm parts, that's because the tooling is very firm.and the poduce speed will be very fast.

so it is the best to choose stamping process for some parts.

We equipped many kinds of machines,such as 5-200T stamping machine,pressure machine,shearing machine,bending machine,oil hydraulic press,can manufacture medium and small plate and bar by


We also provide follow-up process services,such as precision machining,heat treatment, galvanization,power coated,E-coated, Dacrotized, oxidation,pickling,anodize,etc,the products mainly use for auto,

tractor,agriculture machine,engineering machinery,traffic facility,industry equipment.

Material mainly is carbon steel,alloy steel,stainless steel,aluminium alloy,we can produce the parts according to the standard of ASTM,DIN,JIS,etc, accept the drawing of Metric and inch(imperial  

standard),we will provide the size and chemical-physical inspect report, special test requests are available  too.

We provide OEM,ODM service according to the customer¡¯s requirements,assist or supply design and development for the products, mapping drawing,design drawing,

main software is Autocad,Pro-e, format is .dwg, .igs,

We can design and customize the packing according to the requirement,

Usually sample lead time:30days, mass products lead time 30days. delivery port:Ningbo,Shanghai