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stainless steel valve

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 stainless steel valve

we supply some stainless steel valve body,cover cap by investment casting,

the process is

Roughness of the casting surface:Ra6.3-Ra25
Technic:open mould according to the drawings---Wax injection--mould shell making--lost wax--mould shell baking---pouring---sandblast---machining---surface treatment.
material: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel,non-ferrous metal.

usually we can get the better surface than precision casting,and reduce the machining allowance,also people produce some alloy steel casting too in order to get a good tolerance and surface,we provide the precision cnc machining for these casting,supply the one station solution for our customer.

now more and more parts made by investment casting,such as auto parts,medical device,decoration parts,valve,