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pipe Shrinkage

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pipe shrinkage

Supply pipe and tube parts tube to the shape and size of customer¡¯s request.

we equipped with pipe shrinkage machine,with a special tools,it is a good process to get a pipe shape machine parts,

easy to form than casting,better strength,after zinc plating,will not rust as casting parts.

We also provide follow-up process service,such as precision machining,heat treatment, galvanization,power coated,E-coated, Dacrotized, oxidation,pickling,anodize,etc,the products mainly use for auto,

tractor,agriculture machine,engineering machinery,traffic facility,industry equipment.

Material mainly is carbon steel,alloy steel,stainless steel,aluminium alloy,we can produce the parts

 according to the standard of ASTM,DIN,JIS,etc,and accept the drawing of Metric and inch(imperial 

standard),we will provide the size and chemical-physical inspect report,special test requests are 

available too.