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Car roof solar panel

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 Car roof solar panel

car roof solar panel,DC air condition,power supply,energy saving

for car and truck to collect solar power to protect battery and to supply clean power to lighting system and air conditioner

Component: solar panel 100W 12V or 24V, roof rack for car or for truck, GT-12 jump starter 12000mAH 12V for car and 12000mAH 24V for truck, wiring with connector and cover for car and truck.

all our solar energy products for car and truck are for fuel saving absolutely.

we mainly add solar panel onto the car and truck roof to collect solar power to battery, it is to save fuel when driver need to use power from car and truck battery, such as lighting, air conditioning, enjoying audio and video, charging mobile phone and laptop, etc..

Fuel Saving: GT-100R 100W can save maximally 400L gasoline every year.